Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kruba Krissana ~ Wat Asromsatan - Butterfly King (Part 2).

Wat Asromsatan was a unique temple with very beautiful natural Art of sacred statues and buildings. Inside the temple compound, we can feel the natural peace and charming aura with feel good surrounding.
 The unique and sacred Phra Rahu statue was veneration next to the wiharn entrance.
 We followed master Kruba Krissana to entered the main colourful wiharn building for sought blessing from Kruba Krissana. 
 The photo taken inside the wiharn with Wooden Wall decoration and sacred statues and objects.
 The main altar inside the wiharn, the sacred Phra Sangkachai and Lord Shiva statues.
 Photos taken with master Kruba Krissana after blessing for my butterfly amulets that chowed at temple. This year master Kruba Krissana was turn 60 years old, who was born in year BE2497. He was created the Butterfly Mantra, the greatest charming power and to makes people successful in everthing. He ordained as monk in year BE2522 at Wat Kok Uthong, Prachinburi province and spent 10 years to studied Buddhist Holy Text and practiced meditation in deep jungle of northern Thailand.
 Kruba Krissana asked the devotees to come closer because they are standing and sitting far from Kruba Krissana.
The main wiharn was crowded by local devotees to lineup to sought blessing by Kruba Krissana.
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