Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kruba Krissana ~ Wat Asromsatan - Butterfly King (Part 1).

The third temple of Kruba Krissana - Wat Asromsatan and the beautiful Art of natural enviroment inside the temple Butterfly King. He is famous with skilled at Butterfly Wicha Mantra, the great power of charming and successful with fulfilled in daily life.
 The peace, calm and natural enviroment with pond and temple main wiharn building.
 The master Kruba Krissana had a meal before 12 noon and we were waited at amulet counter building and took rest while waited.
 The main wiharn of Wat Asromsatan with beautiful garden and sacred statues surrounding.
 The photos taken with temple compound.
 The sacred Yants on the statue Lion King.
 The garden in temple compound, many devotees took rest and waited to meet Kruba Krissana.
 The veneration with Phra Puttha Chinnaraj and Phra Buddha Samadhi and Phra SangKaChai statues at the side of temple wiharn.
 Another small wiharn at front side temple entrance.
 The beautiful Art Decoration for this small wiharn.
 The sacred Phra Phrom statue.
 The sacred Phra TaWaiNet with dhamma wheel statue and greenish garden behind.
The sacred Eagle statue, the common for large birds of prey.
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