Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wat Donsala ~ The Famous Temple Of Kao Or Lineage In Patthalung - Thailand.

Wat Donsala is one of the important temple in southern of Thailand for Kao Or Magic Lineage with Superb past Guru Monks included LP Yiad (eiat) BE2425-2491, Ajahn Nam Chinnawaro BE2434-2519, LP SiNgern BE2543 and current abbot LP Uthai. Among the past abbot, Ajahn Nam (photo below) was brought the great development for Wat Donsala and his virtue still exists in people’s memory.
 The temple gate of Wat Donsala. 
 The building Hall for Wat Donsala.
 The amulet counter.
 The Phra Buddha venerated inside the building Hall with other side of the seater for monks.
 The portrait of LP Uthai, the current abbot of Wat Donsala, but he is not at temple during my visited. They also have portraits of the HM King & Queen of Thailand.
 The photo taken of past abbot LP Yiad (eiat) at year BE2479.
 Photo taken with Ajahn Nam statue.
 The portraits of LP Pan (Wat Kao Or), Ajahn Nam and HM King of Thailand visited Wat Donsala.
 The statues of past abbot and past Kao Or monks.
 The closed Ubosot of Wat Donsala.
 The Phra Buddha in the hall.
 The temple Bell tower.
The compound of Wat Donsala with crematorium building and small pond.
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