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Wat Phra Ngao ~ The Miracle Of Phra Buddha Phra Ngao - Chiang Saen Of Chiang Rai Province - Thailand.

Wat Phra Ngao, Amphoe Chiang Sean is another important Old temple of Chiang Rai province. There is a Chedi called Phra Ngao standing on a huge rock in the temple compound and that is where its name is derived from. The word Phra Ngao means a reflection of a large rock with the shape resembling Chedi and providing shade. With such environmental setting, the village, hence called it 'PhraThat Phra Ngao (the Relics Stupa of the Shady Rock). It is believed the Khun Pa Ping, the ruler of the Yonok Nakhon Kingdom had it constructed during 494-512AD.
Beside the Pagoda itself, some other remarkable points of the interest are Phra Chedi ChedYod (seven spired Pagoda), Phra Chedi Chom Chan, a Vihara housing an image of Luang Po Phra Ngao, Phra Buddha Nimit Stupa, Ornaments of the Phra Ngao gate and most important is the Great of Phra Ngao Buddha amulet.
The large rock of the Chedi of Wat Phra Ngao.
 The miracle of Luang Po Phra Ngao Buddha statue, venerated inside the Vihara. This scared statue was discovered when the building was built.
 The beautiful Mural Art on the Wall inside the Vihara.
 The temple building Hall.
 The temple gate.
 The top side of hill located the carved Teakwood Ubosot and Phra BoromThat Buddha Nimit Chedi.
 Here is the Phra BoromThat Buddha Nimit Chedi at top side of Hill.
 The veneration of the Phra Buddha Nimit and other Phra Buddha statue inside the Chedi.
 Wat Phra That Pha Ngao is situated on a dramatic hilltop that provides panoramic views of the Mekong river and the border of Laos. This temple Wat Phra Ngao area covers an area of 143 rais. It is believed to built in 462AD. The new Vihara is intentily built at the place that uncovered the principal of Phra Buddha Phra Ngao. While on the Hilltop is Phra BoromThat Nimit Chedi. Here the city view of Chiang Sean, Mekong river including Laos country can be admired.
The temple amulets counter and the poster of the past ceremonies for blessing the Phra Buddha Phra Ngao amulets.
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