Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wat Nong Krub ~ The Efficacious Phra Khun Paen Plaai Guman By LP Sackorn In Rayong - Thailand.

I went to visited Wat NongKrub on March BE2556, but unfortunately we did not get to met LP Sackorn as he was in the Hospital during my visited. Six months later, the revered Buddhist monk LP Sackorn, passed away at on 18th Sept BE2556.
 The main road with temple gate of Wat NongKrub. Behind is the huge temple gate that under construction.
 The huge temple gate, fencing walls and Phra Thep statue build under way process.
 The beautiful Kuti of LP Sackorn, who is prominent LP Tim's disciple. LP Sackorn was famous to created efficacious Phra Khun Paen Plaai Guman with incredible supernatural power.
 The temple amulets counter.
 The sacred Phra SangKaChai statue at Wat Nong Krub.
 The main old Ubosot and just renovated to good new. Beside with temple Bell tower.
 The small Chedi of temple beside the Bell tower.
 The Grand Mondop with modernize in appearance.
The Phra Buddha Footprint venerated inside.
 The modernize design of wasroom and the Dragon fountain.
 The Singha lion.
 The temple crematorium building.
 The photos taken inside the counter.
 The Phayant of LP Sackorn and Phayant of LP Tim Isariko.
 The sacred Holy powder materials and ceremonies photos.
The article released by Wat Lahanrai for news of LP Sackorn passed away on 18th Sept BE2556 and bathing ceremony on 19th Sept. LP Sackorn was 75 years old and entered monkhoods for 54 years of Phansa.
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