Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meeting LP Yeam Of Wat Sam Ngam - Nakhon Pathom In Thailand.

Wat Sam Ngam is well known for sacred GumanThong amulet in Thailand Kingdom and blessed  by the late LP Tae and now is LP Yeam. The fame spread abroad throughout all the region and the world.
 The entrance of main building where we could meeting LP Yeam and pay respect to late LP Tae, The Top master for created sacred Gumanthong. The bunting of new amulets released by LP Yeam of Wat Sam Ngam.
 The main Hall and veneration of LP Tae body and his Wax statue.
 Photos taken with Big Statue of GumanThong at Wat Sam Ngam.
 Many devotees are waiting for seeking LP Yeam blessing while LP Yeam took rested.
The temple surrounding with Vihara and Hall building under renovation.
 The second temple gate being built.
 The graveyard of Wat Sam Ngam for an excavation and buried the late dead people.

 The temple crematorium and mondop.
 Scenery behind the main building of Wat Sam Ngam with located a small river.
 The photos of LP Tae and LP Yeam on displayed on the information board with the published of newspaper article.
 Many Holy stuffs put beside with LP Yeam where his blessing place is located.
 Photos taken with LP Tae's blessed GumanThong and some LP Yeam's GumanThong on the floor.
 Finally LP Yeam is woke up from rested. LP Yeam is 98 years old and getting old but still healthy and fresh.
 The photo taken with LP Yeam.
The Holy water blessing from LP Yeam for many of us.
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