Sunday, May 13, 2012

LP Koon Of Wat Banrai - Thailand.

Wat Banrai temple have a huge compound land and Giant Structure building after re-built by LP Koon with many generous people came forward to help. After posted the 'Meeting with LP Koon' and 'LP Koon Museum', now we will see the posted of 'Wat Banrai temple'.
The temple gate of Wat Banrai.
The giant structure of Elephant Head Turtle is under construction and it 3D mini model on display in front of the structure.
The main Ubosot of Wat Banrai. Here is the place you could meet up with LP Koon.
The Golden statues of Phra Buddha, Kuan Yin and LP Koon Holding Lucky Stick.
The mini Cinema of Wat Banrai.
The Fountain of Holy Water with 12 Chinese Zodiac and Golden LP Koon statue on Top. The sort of Fountain water is where to get some good luck Holy water by choosing the fountain related chinese zodiac animal that you born.
The old statue of Phra Buddha and LP Koon statue were venerated inside the Sala Building.
 The altar for Masters of LP Koon.
 Wat BanRai amulets counter inside the Hall.
Photos taken with reverend Holy Monk - LP Koon.

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