Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Museum Of LP Koon At Wat BanRai.

I was visited Wat Banrai recently and discovered this Museum inside Wat Banrai temple compound. This is Museum of cares for a collection of importance artifacts, life, work and amulets of LP Koon and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that be permanent at Wat Banrai.
This building is fully air-cond the Museum of LP Koon and the surrounding.
At the entrance is venerated of LP Koon's Wax statue and some of LP Koon's belonging.
The well kept chamber of LP Koon's master.
The Projecter display video of the Tiger guarded inside the cave where LP Koon meditating during his 'Tudong' to deep jungle at the north-eastern part of Thailand.
The famous Hand & Foot and others Phayant by LP Koon and mini 3D display of life and work of LP Koon in the past.
 The Royal visited and LP Koon being conferred by HM King of Thailand.
The Honour and Wall of Fame of celebrate his Life,Work and Charitable of LP Koon. Here also venerated stunning LP Koon statue with beautiful decoration.
Finally, we could see the Wall Of Amulets by LP Koon - Wat Banrai. This wall is display a variety of the present and the past of amulets strongly blessed by LP Koon of Wat Banrai and sacred Bucha and moulding.
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