Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wat PhikulThong ~ 80th Birthday Of Than Chau Khun Eak (CK Eak) The Sangha Governor of Kelantan State.

Revisited Wat PhikulThong Vararam for attended the 80th Birthday of Head of Sangha of Kelantan - Than Chau Khun Eak (CK Eak) and 100 years Memorial Service of late past Abbot LP Deng with new amulets released Batch PutthaPhisek LP Nadam. The banner and the ceremony timetable 17-19 March 2011.
The temple gate of Wat PhikulThong Vararam in Kelantan state.The Main Sala and the Buddha statue veneration on the altar.
The CK Eak and LP Deng statues are veneration inside the main Sala. The photos taken of LP Deng with HM Thai King.
The shrine for statue LP Nadam Buddha. The temple’s popularity grew with LP Na Dam’s Buddha presence.
Photos taken with LP Nadam Buddha, tha sacred century old wooden statue. The late LP Deng the past abbot was arranged a proper ceremony to invite Luang Phor NaDam Buddha to occupy the temple’s main shrine.
The stunning Phra Pidta statue riding Tiger.
Phra Buddha Leela started built in year 1986 and finished in year 1996.
All are prepared for amulets blessing at night 17th March BE2554 included the Monks seating. The ceremony will be leading by Than Chau Khun Eak.
New amulets released of LP Nadam Buddha Bucha and Amulets, CK Eak Bucha and Rian, LP Deng's lockets Roypi, Pidta and Maitao. See more photos, pls click the label 'Wat Phikulthong Kelantan' at below.
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