Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wat Klang Bang Kaew In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

LP Boon, LP Perm and LP Cher of Wat Klang Bang Kaew is the famous monks of created sacred Bia Gae amulets and Jindamanee Herb Beads who passed away many years ago. Below is the temple gate and the surrounding view.
The photo taken with Phra Phuttha Vithinayok museum, exhibiting historical remains, as well as utensils of the late monks Luang Poo Boon, Luang Poo Perm and Luang Poo Cher. Various Buddha images, Bia Gae amulets, and sacred talismans of the late monks are displayed. Thai medicines, Jindamanee herbs, and utensils of craftsmen are also on display.
Tha main entrance of Phra Phuttha Vithinayok museum, It is open on Saturdays, Sundays and Buddhist Holidays.
The beautiful chapel of Wat Klang Bang Kaew and the inside of veneration the principal Buddha image.
The temple building Hall, Crematorium, Vihara and Museum.
Wat Klang Bang Kaew is an ancient temple established during the Ayuttaya Era, above we can see old Ubosot, old Chedis and beautiful statues.
Photo with sacred Yant of LP Cher ( LP Jurah ).
Photo with sacred Yant of LP Boon.
Photo taken in Amulet Counter of Wat Klang Bang Kaew.

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