Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wat Traimit - Phra Buddha Mahasuwan Pathimakorn (Golden Buddha) BE 2553 In Bangkok Thailand.

The Amazing of the Phra Maha Mondop building at Wat Traimit in Yaowarat, Bangkok in the year BE 2553.
Finally the Maha Mondop of Wat Traimit was opened to devotees to pay respect to 'Golden Buddha' Phra Buddha Mahasuwan Pathimakorn. The Golden Buddha was enshrine inside this new building.
The close view of stunning designed Phra Maha Mondop. The beautiful 3D murals are embedded on the building walls.
The center balcony commands an impressive view of temple compound. The bell is located at balcony too.Inside the Hall of Golden Buddha, enshrine the Holy Wonder of Phra Buddha Mahasuwan Pathimakorn or Phra Sukhothai Trimitr Golden Buddha Image.
Yaowarat ChinaTown Heritage Center also located inside the Phra Maha Mondop ground floor.
The Main Ubosot of Wat Traimit, the amulet counter is beside the Ubosot.The variety of Golden Buddha amulets are available for devotees renting.
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