Sunday, February 27, 2011

Erawan Shrine ~ Thao Maha Brahma of Phra Phrom.

At the end of the year in 1955, the Union of Thai Hotel & Tourism Company Limited, the founder of the Erawan Hotel was told by Rear Admiral Luang Suwichanphaet, who speciallized in Astrology, that the original moment for laying the founation stone of the Erawan Hotel was not really right auspicious moment.
It must be corrected by building a shrine of the Thao Maha Brahma and a spirit in the are of the Hotel. Then a shrine with the image of the Thao Maha Brahma and a Sacred House were built followed the advice. The image was a sculpture in plaster covered with Gold Leaf, which was designed and sculpted by MR. Chit Phimkowit, a sculptor of the Fine Arts Department. It was brought to enshrine there since the 9th November 1956 and a worship ceremony of the image has been held on the 9th November of every year.

All the offering items can be buy here. You can asking the helper about how to make the offering. Each year, all the money collecting here will be donate out to society.

Some of the offering of elephant statues.
Worshippers from all around the world are pray at the shrine to seek blessings.Rate for dancer hired by worshippers in return for seeing their prayers at the shrine answered.
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