Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ajahn Morn Led The Ceremony For New Amulets Blessing At Wat Chern BE 2554.

All the photos taken here are belongs to my friend. Thanks him for these sharing. We would like to present the new amulets released by Ajahn Morn at Wat Chern, Trang province, in year BE 2554.
Ajahn Morn is the Great Master and always be invite to lead the Grand Ceremony for new amulets blessing. Ajahn Morn is one of the best known in present day who is a guru master of unique UFO amulet style.
Ajahn Morn started the ceremony for blessing the new amulets released at 4th Feb BE2554.
New batch of Phra Pikanet or Ganesha statues, amulets, and many.....other special editions batch are released after the Grand ceremony, blessed by Ajahn Morn.
Many Top Monks are been invited to participated in Grand ceremony at Wat Chern, Trang Province.

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