Friday, April 10, 2009

Wat Lampan In Kedah Malaysia.

The passing of the great Phra Khru Sophonkichathorn (Than Ren), Wat Lampam. Phra Khru Sophonkichathorn (Than Ren) was the abbot of Wat Lampam. Sad to say that 'Than Ren' of Wat Lampam passed away on 3 April 2009. He was 81 years old with 60 years of monkhood. My deepest respect to the great 'Than Ren' of Wat Lampam. Heart-rending farewell. Below, see the full post of photos taken during my last visit to Wat Lampam.Last January (2009) i visited Wat Lampam, Kg. Lampam Kedah with my friends after we left Wat Phothichetiyaram. Above, I drove slowly along the road to enjoyed the magnificent view. Another magnificent view along the road. Above, we can see the temple gate, which is the main entrance at the temple. The elephants guarding the entrance of Wat Lampam. From left- Phra Par Lae Lai (wednesday night Buddha), Phra Oom Bart (wednesday morning Buddha), Phra Keaw (The Emerald Buddha), and Ajarn Toh statue.
The bell tower is located in front the new ubosot.Old Wiharn of Wat Lampan. The overvie w of the new ubosot.Ubosot building currently in progress. Another view of the ubosot.The Siamese Market inside the temple. The Siamese is still minority as non-Muslim in Malaysia. However, the Siamese in Pendang are the native in Kedah. They do not have national identity to Thailand at present. They can see rather deepening friendship with the Chinese as a Buddhist more.
The main Vihara of Wat Lampam.

The place where 'Than Ren' do the chanting. Donation for Ubosot Building Fund of Wat Lampam. This picture is a photo taken with 'Than Ren' during my last visit (Jan 2009) to Wat Lampam in Kedah.

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