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Wat Phothicetiyaram In Kedah Malaysia.

After Luang Phor Tuad passed away in Kg. Sawa-Gerik Perak, the body of LP Tuad had been carried back from Kg. Sawa to Wat Changhai, Pattani Thailand. Along the way, where ever the 'yellow fluid' dropped from the body of LP Tuad, they would build a land marking by setting up 'wood column' as sign of good luck for those came for praying.Wat Phothicetiyaram was they stop-over point no.4. This is the temple gate of Wat Phothicetiyaram (Wat Thung Kwai). This temple address is KG. CHINA, MK. PDG. KERBAU, PENDANG, KEDAH.

This is the 'wood column' of Wat Phothicetiyaram, a friendly helper showed me the location.According to history, when Phor Than Phrom (Abbot of Wat Phikuntararam at Pedu town) was young, he was the one that actually brought Archan Tim or 'Phrakru Visaisophon' (whom had raised up the famous name of Wat Changhai of LP Tuad amulets to the whole regions) to visit all the 'wood column' at different places, for the purpose of getting soil from all the locations as the raw material for making amulet of LP Tuad.

This is the closeup view of the sacred 'wood column'.

This is the Grand Stupa (Phra Chaidi Pagoda) that house the 'Arthi' (ash or bone) of Luang Phor Tuad, which was brought back by the local follower from Wat Changhai after the cremation ceremony. Local folks also called this temple Wat Thung Kwai and is located at 'Ban Thung Kwai' or Kampung Cina.

A more complete view of the Grand Stupa and the Wiharn building.

Shrine to LP Tuad, which was opened to worship.

At the front entrance is a Phra Sivali statue and a Jatukam Ramathep statue.

Inside the shrine, the venerates Phra Buddha statues.

This picture is a photo taken with the Chedi (Grand Stupa) and my wife.

Inside the chedi, where the holy relics (arthi) of LP Tuad is keep.

A banner advertising the release of Luang Phor Cedi-Luang Phor Tuad-Jatukam Ramathep amulets.

The abbot of Wat Phothicetiyaram, Phra Maha Chittawit (right) and Somdej Phra Akharamahasangkharachathibodi from Cambodia (left).

Another banner advertising the ceremony of opening the Grand Stupa (Phra Chaidi Pagoda).

This temple building was closed.

A more complete view of the statue and altar.

The amulets here are quite cheap.

This amulet was consecrated in year 2008 by Phra Maha Chittawit of Wat Phothicetiyaram.

Inside the wiharn where the water blessing ritual was taking place. After I got my chance to 'tamboon' , I proceeded to my next destination, Wat Lampam.

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