Sunday, March 22, 2020

Trip & Revisited New Samnak Ajahn Nikom BE2563 - SuphanBuri - Obtained Phra Ngang From Ajahn Nikom - Thailand (Part:1/2).

Came and choose Phra Ngang items from Samnak Ajahn Nikom and reblessed by Ajahn Nikom himself.
 Very big Bucha by Ajahn Nikom. Ajahn Nikom is one could create efficacious Gumanthong by his strong Nippansutra wicha. He has to study and practice seriously from masters to possess a clear and powerful mind to control spirits.
 Photo at the counter before met Ajahn Nikom to rebless.
 Sacred, Power and stunning Bucha Phra Ngang.
 Superb Big Phra Ngang Bucha. Can order.
 Ajahn Nikom apply Holy powder on the bucha and hand write Yant on the amulet casing.
Ajahn Nikom rebless again the sacred items i obtained. These sacred items will available soon in mu blog.
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