Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Visited Wat Klang Khun Paen - Meet With LP Chom - Ayutthaya - Thailand (Part: 1/2).

Wat Klang Khun Paen was a small and old temple in the past. Since LP Chom became abbot, temple Wat Klang Khun Paen do a lot of restoration since then. We were pay a visit when at Ayutthaya for temples journey and very happy to see the progress. We also meet and pay respect to LP Chom.
 LP Chom ~ abbot of Wat Klang Khun Paen since BE2550 - Ayutthaya province. He is a Top disciples of LP Sawai - Wat Preedaram, and successfully studies in Visha (magic) and making efficacious amulets from his master. Many devotees seeking his blessing and do the nanathong ritual that he mastered. Now LP Chom is hardworking to built and do restoration for Wat Klang Khun Paen.
 The temple new building wiharn at the center of temple compound area.
The pillar for ongoing construction for Wat Klang Khun Paen.
 The sacred Bell tower and big Gong.
 The temple gate of Wat Klang Khun Paen.
 The dragon wall still in construction.
 The expansion building project.
 Shrine for Mercy Boddhisattvas Guan Yin.
 Phra Buddha and Phra Pikanet statues.
 The old Ubosot ongoing restoration.
 The main altar for Ubosot.
 The new construction site just next to the old Ubosot.
The temple crematorium of Wat Klang Khun Paen.
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