Thursday, February 28, 2019

Visiting Wat Chong Kae ~ LP Phrom Tawaro - One Of The Top Venerable Monk - Nakhon Sawan - Thailand (Part 2/2).

The sacred amulets by LP Phrom is Rare, efficacious and everyone eagerly want to own one. Beside desire want to own one amulet by LP Phrom, temple Wat ChongKae is one of the incredible temple to visit in Thailand. LP Phrom is a good monk and endlessly effort to built up temple and teaching dhamma at Wat ChongKae.
LP Phrom very famous with his "Gam Paeng Geow Jed Chan" katha (7 storey glass wall) which could protect him from wild animals without even harming them during his many travels through deep and virgin forest. LP Phrom is a great spiritual monk which enables him to walk above the water. He's also very good at mixing herbs which helps to heal many different type of diseases. He's a monk with a little of words as he prefers to listen to people more than talking. However, many villagers and disciples called Him as "The Golden Mouth Monk" simply because whatever comes out from his mouth will comes true. LP Phrom passed away on 30th January BE2518 at 3pm in Bahn Mhi Changwat Lopburi hospital at the age of 91 years old. The body of LP Phrom is left undecayed that his hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, mustache and finger nails still growing even he has passed away for over 44 years now (this year BE2562).
 The sacred 3 storey of Bell Tower with sacred statue LP Phrom at top.
 Me and photo taken with Bell Tower of Wat ChongKae.
Another one statue of LP Phrom venerated at top and mural painted at Hall building top.
 The sacred Reclining Phra Buddha statue venerated inside the long building.
More view surrounding temple Wat ChongKae.
 Small shrine with Phra Buddha and LP Phrom statue venerated inside.
 The big and main Hall Wiharn of Wat ChongKae, where everyday devotees come here to seek blessing by monks at Wat ChongKae.
 The photo of LP Phrom with info at front wiharn and statue Phra Buddha venerated inside the wiharn.
More old photos of Wat ChongKae and stuff inside the wiharn.
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