Thursday, July 26, 2018

Revisited In Year BE2559 ~ Red Chedi & Ubosot Of Wat Sam Ngam - Thailand (Part 2/2).

Here is another side of Wat Sam Ngam, located of main Ubosot, Red Big Chedi and Big Phra Buddha statues.
 Photo taken in front the Ubosot.
 The Phra Buddha statue and sacred Cows.
 The Phra Lelai Buddha statue, image Phra Buddha seated to receive gifts from a monkey and an elephant.
 The Red Big Chedi (same as Pathom Chedi) and Phra Buddha UmBat - The Buddha is standing with heels pressed together, holding an alms bowl at waist height, with both hands wrapped around it, This image shows Buddha holding an alms bowl.
 The close view.
 The sacred Furious Tao Wessuwan as guardian the entrance.
The sacred wiharn with LP Tae statue.
 The sacred Phra Buddha Sukhothai image.
 The animal rabbit zodiac as guardian.
 The surrounding with Bell and view from wiharn.
The sacred statue of Phra SangKaChai.
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