Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Revisited BE2559 ~ LP Pern - The SakYant Temple Of Wat Bang Phra (Part 2/2).

In part 2, we share more photos of Wat Bang Phra surrounding. Wat Bang Phra is well known internationally by former abbot ~ LP Pern and is one of the important temple to visit by devotees from all over the world. Wat Bang Phra is a Buddhist monastery in Nakhon Chaisi district, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. Wat Bang Phra translates into English as the "Monastery of the Riverbank Buddha Image," a reference to the temple's history as a spot where a revered Buddha image from Ayutthaya was recovered from a boat which sank in the Nakhon Chaisi River alongside where the monastery was founded.
 The icon of Wat Bang Phra - the Golden Chedi and Blue roof tile Wiharn.
 The furious Tigers guard at entrance.
 The sacred Bell tower of Wat Bang Phra, the shrine and info counter.
 The temple gate.
 The market.
 The old wiharn of Wat Bang Phra.
 The shrine of LP Pern.
 Photo taken with LP Pern statue.
 The Red Hanuman.
 The wiharn with Tao Wessuwan of Wat Bang Phra.
The new batch amulets by Wat Bang Phra.
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