Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Revisited New Samnak Ajahn Nikom BE2559 - SuphanBuri - Thailand (Part 2/2).

Ajahn Nikom was born in the year BE2505 in the Ban Bang Kung, Suphanburi, Thailand. He is a famous and reverend White Robe Ajahn of all time. Beside his special abilities and his effective amulets and statues, he also a good master of SakYant. Currently he was built magnificently building for his samnak-asrom.
He was studied magical knowledge from many famous masters in Thailand, included from his uncle (wood craving), LP SaNgah (when Ajahn Nikom ordained as monk at Wat BangKung), Ajahn Kaew (when Ajahn Nikom at Tudong~Kanchanaburi), venerable LP Phon Bunyakamo-abbot of Wat Wang Yai Hun, venerable LP Wong-abbot of Wat Pracha Wongsaram and venerable LP Phut-abbot of Wat Klang Bang Phra. He also learnt from many unknow best Ajahn from Myanmar during his ordination as he walked as Phra Tudong (forest monk) to north of Thailand where he lived in caves and self built sheet huts.
 The new event and articles from local newspaper for Ajahn Nikom.
 The past history of Ajahn Nikom of his monkhood, his master and his pilgrimage Phra Tudong.
 The small altar inside the building.
 Ajahn Nikom is one could create efficacious Gumanthong by his strong Nippansutra wicha. He has to study and practice seriously from masters to possess a clear and powerful mind to control spirits.
 Photo taken from amulet counter and Ajahn Nikom his son-Neung.
 The main altar inside the wiharn and center veneration of Phra Buddha Phratan.
 Photo taken with Ajahn Nikom.
The surrounding view inside the building.
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