Saturday, March 18, 2017

Revisited Wat Klang Klong Takian BE2559 - The Famous Phra Somdej Kring Klong Takian & Met LP BoonSung.

We revisited to temple Wat Klang Klong Takian, the very old temple with rich past historical in Buddhism. Wat Klang Klong Takian, over 500 years old monastery in Ayutthaya of Thailand, is commonly known as Wat Klang PakKran by the local Thai people. In the aftermath of war, Wat Klang Klong Takian laid in ruin eventually. Only left the sacred ancient amulet called Phra Somdej Kring Klong Takian. Now temple have old quarter part and new quarter part area.
 The temple gate of Wat Klang Klong Takian with Tao Wessuwan statues at front. Beside the temple gate is located the new built building wiharn of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
 Inside the temple surrounding with some banner list for event of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
 Here is the new quarter of temple Wat Klang Klong Takian, the shrine for house of Phra Buddha statue.
 The sacred and beautiful statue Phra Buddha "Kring Klong Takian" venerated at front side of new building Ubosot of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
 The new building still in progress construction.

 LP BoonSung is chief of Wat Klang Klong Takian, he applied the Holy powder for the Bucha Phra Buddha Kring Klong Takian.
 Deep consecrated blessed by LP BoonSung, for the famous statues Phra Somdej Kring Klong Takian.
The old Wiharn of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
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