Monday, April 25, 2016

Visiting Wat Kositaram ~ Museum Of Wat Kositaram & LP Kuay (Part 2/2).

Here is the Wooden House of Museum for that cares for the collection of artifacts, cultural & historical of temple Wat Kositaram and other objects of amulets by LP Kuay and many many more. This Museum located behind the main Sala of Wat Kositaram.
 The mini altar inside the Museum.
The sacred Wax statue & portrait of LP Kuay.
 Here the display cabinet for the Holy items.
 The old and sacred statues and mantra book of Wat Kositaram.
 Some of Holy item of Takruts, Phayants and amulets by LP Kuay.
Here is popular pim amulet by LP Kuay and now is very rare to find.
See amulets from Wat Kositaram & LP Kuay at: 
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