Thursday, May 1, 2014

Revisited Wat PhikulThong Vararam In Year BE2557 At Kelantan.

This year after SongKran Festival in April, i went to visited to Kelantan temples. Here is the Wat PhikulThong Vararam, the temple of Head of Sangha Kelantan - Than Chau Khun Eak and well known past abbot of late LP Deng. 
 The main Shrine of Phra Buddha LP NaDam and main Ubosot of Wat PhikulThong Vararam.
 The century old of Wooden statue Phra Buddha LP NaDam and the statues of past abbot LP Deng of Wat PhikulThong Vararam.
 The buildings for veneration of 7 days Phra Budhha statues and statues of past monks.
 The Shrine of Phra Pidta and i noticed the tiger was painted white from yellow previously. Also added statue of Pnra Buddha LP NaDam.
 The stunning Phra Leela (known as Buddhalila in Kelantan) with upgraded with new painted and added stainless steel gate at entrance.
 The photos taken with grand Phra Buddha Leela.
 The temple fishes pond and with turtles.
 Beside the Phra Leela was veneration the Elephant Shrine.
 Besides the fishes pond have many venerated statues of Phra Pikanet, Phra Nang Kwak, Phra Rahu, Phra Mae Thorani, Phra Lersi and Chuchok.
The new batch of Phra Buddha LP NaDam and temple amulets counter.
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