Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wat Kalai ( Big Buddha Statue) In Jeneri, Sik Of Kedah - Malaysia.

Wat Kalai is a 200 years Old Siamese temple in Jeneri, Sik of Kedah state, Malaysia. This old Siamese temple Wat Kalai is built up by Prak Nikcrodthamadtada, the founder of Wat Kalai. In past, Wat Kalai also well known by past cheif monk CK Bao. One of the wonders of Kedah state, the huge 21 meter tall of Meditation Phra Buddha statue at Wat Kalai is another architectural marvel. The current temple gate is being built under chief monk Ajahn Dam.
This is the biggest Phra Buddha of Meditation pose in Kedah state, sitting on lotus with the four concrete walls of the base are crafted and rich with details of 64 smaller Phra Buddha statues. This huge statue was built in year 1984.Underneath the huge sitting Buddha lays the niche for keeping ashes of the dearly departed.Until now, Wat Kalai is safe kept the mummified remains of the chief monk Prak Nikcrodthamadtada, the founder of Wat Kalai. The chief monk Prak Nikcrodthamadtada statue is venerated inside.
The Main building of Wat Kalai.
The another Builing Hall.The Old Ubosot of Wat Kalai, is venerated of fearsome warrior guard of Tao Wessuwan.

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