Sunday, October 9, 2011

Loha Prasat At Wat Ratchanadda In Bangkok - Thailand.

Each time in Bangkok, I often noticed this most Unique structure - Loha Prasat the metal castle in the grounds of Wat Ratchanadda. Currently Ubosot of Wat Ratchanadda is undergoing renovations. The remarkable structure of Loha Prasat appears almost Burmese in design, although in fact it's a copy of an old style of Buddhist structure found in Sri Lanka, but now almost unknown. It was begun in the early 19th century by King Rama III in honour of his granddaughter, HRH Princess Somanas Vadhanawadi. The Loha Prasat itself is like five concentric square towers, each consecutively taller than the other. The outer, middle and center towers are capped by cast iron spires. The building is 36 metres high and has 37 cast iron spires. Each spire represents the 37 Bodhipak khiyadhamma, the virtues leading to enlightenment.
The veneration of Buddha statues inside and outside the LohaPrasat building.
The old bricks and maze like halls of the ground floor of Loha Prasat.The details Background of establishment of the Loha Prasat in Thailand been display at the ground floor.
The Buddha statues at the hall of second floor of Loha Prasat.The spiral Staircase is constructed as a free standing metal center column with thick wood.The cast iron spires of the Loha Prasat. The photos taken from first floor, second floor and third floor.The compound of Wat Ratchanadda in undergoing renovations progress.The murals paint of Ubosot building of Wat Ratchanadda.Photos taken inside the main Phra Buddha statue of Wat Ratchanadda. The area in front of the temple Wat Ratchanadda has been developed by the Bangkok Administration. They have built a Thai style pavilion, gardens and also a statue in memory of King Rama III.


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