Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Revisited Wat PahKoh - Undecaying Body Of LP Thong Susangwaro In Hadyai, Songkhla - Thailand.

We revisited Wat Pah Koh again in year 2011. Wat PahKoh is one of the famous temple in Hadyai with legendary body of Luang Phor Thong (former abbot of Wat Pahkoh) is keeping. The temple gate of Wat PahKoh.
The Pavilion of Bodhisattva Guan Yin.
Photos taken with the body of Luang Phor Thong, whose physical body shows no sign of decay after passing away since the year 2000, at the age of 93. LP Thong was a good Master and expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way.
The Phra Buddha statue veneration in same Vihara with the undecay body of LP Thong Susangwaro. Photo taken with current Abbot of Wat Pah Koh - LP Pairojn.LP Pairojn giving a goldfoil blessing on my forehead and palm.Wat Pahkoh is thriving with pilgrims from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, who come daily to pay respect to undecay body of LP Thong and ask for various blessings from LP Pairojn. On top photo, all the devotees and followers will come to pay tribute to LP Pairojn inside the wiharn of Wat Pahkoh.
The statues of LP Thong Susangwaro were venerated in the wiharn.The Bucha of LP Thong at amulets counter.
The Ubosot is opened this time (previous visited is closed).
The close view inside the Ubosot, the Phra Buddha and the Mural painted.The Phra Leela statue located in front the Ubosot.
The furious dog.
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