Sunday, July 31, 2011

Samnak Ajahn Oor ~ Top Sakyant Master From Pathum Thani - Thailand.

Ajahn Oor is considered as one of the Top Sakyant master in Thailand and well known to many people in Malaysia and Singapore.
Here is the Samnak of Ajahn Oor Sakyant in Pathum Thani. At the front Samnak was hang a banner image of LP Pern - Wat Bang Phra. Ajahn Oor has been passionate for sacred Sakyant magic and mastering the art of Sakyant enchantment since young. He began his studied of religious tattoos under famous Sakyant Master LP Pern - Wat Bang Phra. He furthered his skill of Sakyant with Ajahn SomChart, Ajahn Daeng and Ajahn Tawin.Phoo Lersi the Great Asectic Hermit, Hanuman the Great and Jatukham RamaThep the the Sacred were seen in the garden of Samnak Ajahn Oor Sakyant.
The Shrine of Phra Phrom at the Samnak. We pay the proper respect to the all sacred statue first before do the Sakyant.Ajahn Oor a with the various of Grand Master Masks of Deities which Ajahn Oor can invoke and invite their blessings for the devotees.One of the devotee receiving the SakYant Tattoo from Ajahn Oor's disciples.The Phayant cloth of the Phoo Lersi and Sakyant.The stunning Naga and the Holy Water with various sacred amulets inside the ceramic bowl.The Phra Cinnaraj statue and big 'Taphon' or a drum at the altar. The Taphon is use for enchancing personal fame.The Great Sakyant linage of 'Yant Ha Taew', Ajahn Oor carries on the torch of the traditional freehand Sakyant. During the process, Ajahn Oor would have to be focused as he has to recite the incantation while he is tattooing the Sakyant Yantra. After finished the Sakyant in precise and details, he would recite another magical invocation to increase the magical Power in the Sakyant.
Photos taken with Ajahn Oor after received the sacred Sakyant tattoos from Ajahn Oor.
We received a special made Takrut from Ajahn Oor, he recite the magical invocation and roll up to a Takrut before give it to us.Various sacred items of amulet which Ajahn Oor also specialize in consecrating.
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