Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wat Pailom In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

LP Poon of Wat Pailom was a famous master of the GumanThong, Hanuman and Phra Khun Paen, who passed away in year BE2548. The main Vihara of Wat Pailom.
The billboard advertising the most recent batch of old amulets unearthed. It was consecrated by LP Poon. The photos of recent abbot of Wat Pailom, LP NamFon, the successor of LP Poon who's passed away a few years ago. The Main Ubosot of Wat Pailom, quite well decorated and furnished with 2 stunning Yaksha guardian in front the Ubosot.Another view of the Ubosot.

The Guan Yin shrine pavilion of Wat Pailom.
The House of GumanThong.
The flying Hanuman statue located in front the Ubosot.
The Phra Buddha inside the Ubosot of Wat Pailom and the beautiful murals painting. The Bell Tower. The LP Poon, Yaksha and Lersi Hermit statues at the front side of Vihara. The old amulets unearthed and display on cabinet. Have the TV presentation too.The LP Poon's wax statue and the well kept of LP Poon body in the glass coffin. We could see this inside the main Vihara. The various mystical masks, GumanThong and Big GumanThong statue kept and created by LP Poon. Here is the amulets counter and the new amulets released by LP NamFon at recent year.

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