Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting LP Up of Wat Thong Sai In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

LP Up of Wat Thong Sai, was a famous master of the Mae Nang Pim, also known as Pim pa and was considered to be a mountain god.
The temple Ubosot, Bell Tower and temple gate. Inside the Ubosot is still under renovation. Every day, Wat Thong Sai are swarmed with devotees from local Thailand and overseas to meeting with LP Up.The statue of Mae Nang Pim, actually Nang Pim is a God of Pregnant Female with baby emerging. Mae Nang Pim like white wine very much, every time devotees come to make a wish and pray, they often offering the white wine. The Katha for Mae Nang Pim is " U Ga Pa Sa Ha Na Budh".
Many of LP Up photos hang inside the amulet house. You could see many of Mae Nang Pim statue beside with the Buddha altar and GumanThong baby images.
Newspaper mentioning about the consecration of a new batch of LP Up amulets.
Many Mae Nang Pim amulets in the cabinet of Wat Thong Sai amulet counter. I also took the photo of Hand moulding machine for making the amulet by LP Up in the past.
Photo taken with giant Takrut Ngoo and Mae Nang Pim image.
LP Up is now quite elderly and resting on the bed. All the Buchas and amulets that I obtained from the temple were blesses properly by LP Up. He also giving a blessing on my forehead.


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