Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wat Phikulthong ~ Phra Buddhalila In Kelantan Malaysia.

Wat PhikulThong is famous for its Phra Buddhalila Maha Mongkhol, Phra Leela - one of the 3 Famous Phra Buddha LP Yai(s) of Tumpat, Kelantan. This temple is located at Kg. Terbok, 16200 Tumpat. Below is the temple gate.
Phra Buddhalila started built in year 1986 and finished in year 1996. Below is the viewing of temple compound.The present Abbot of Wat Phikulthong Vararam is Ven. Than Chao Khun Eak. he is also the 4th Chief Monk of Kelantan to replaced late “Than Chao Khun Mit” Wat Uttamaram, Bangsek, Kelantan in year 2005.The temple compound and a very Sacred statue of Luang Pho Than Na Dam There isn’t much records on the origins of Luang Pho Na Dam but it is estimated at least a century years old.See more Thai amulets for rent at:

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