Monday, May 10, 2010

Wat Puthanimittam In Ipoh Perak Malaysia.

The Founder and current abbot of the temple Ajahn Phra Sunti Kamapirato. Ajahn was recently headed the big Buddha statue project that is still under works now. The Grand opening for the big Buddha will be conduct a ceremony on 28th May 2010 ~ Wesak Day and leading by many monks from southern Thailand. This project was funded from the public donation.
The photo taken with the temple that built on the foothill.
The Vihara of Wat Puthanimittam.
The Main Buddha shrine inside the Vihara.
The LP's statues were venerated inside the Vihara.
The altar in front the main Buddha shrine.
These photos taken in March 2010 which the big Buddha was under works. The monks were participant the works.
This bronze Buddha was venerated at the top hill.
Many Buddha statues were venerated at the foothill-Reclining Buddha, Phra SangKaChai, Phra Prom, Phra Sivali, Kuan Yin....etc
These photos taken in May 2010, the big Buddha is completed in works until the last step painting works with the golden colour.
Wat Puthanimittam is welcome the donation for the Golden paint.

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