Monday, March 15, 2010

Wat Nok in Thonburi, Thailand.

Wat Nok is located in BhasiCharoen, Thonburi Thailand, not far from the well known temple Wat Paknam-LP Sod. The famous Chedi of Buddha Relic and many Sacred statue in temple. The temple gate and the Phra Phrom shrine of Wat Nok ( Wat Nog ).Luang Phor Chek - abbot of Wat Nok ( center ) was received the relic for safe keeping and venerates in the new built Vihara at Wat Nok.
The spectacular view of the Golden Chedi Vihara of Wat Nok. A very beautiful Golden Chedi at the top. There was a grand ceremonies for openning this Vihara and the buchas and amulets.Inside the Golden Chedi Vihara was venerates the Buddha statues and Small buchas.Below the Buddha statue were cabinets with relic-holding and the Relics.All around the hall were statues of the Buddhas. The images were the same, but the donors names were craved different.Inside the first floor were the images of Buddhas, Bells and the Chedis. All were decorated with spectacular design.The Golden Chedi inside the 2nd floor of the Vihara.Behind the Golden Chedi Vihara, is an under construction structure of smaller scale as compared to the other temple Hall. The above Buddha statues will be placed at behind the Golden Chedi Vihara after new Hall being built.Donation for expansion new Hall of Wat Nok.The other side was located the Ubosot of Wat Nok. Below the Ubosot was the amulets shop and store room. The altars inside the temple shop, below the Ubosot.
Wat Nok was made the great quantity of Buchas here. The latest batch of Tao Wessuwan statues and Sivali statues. They also have many Chinaraj and Nakprok buchas.Above we see the famous Wat Nok Phra Phrom statues sitting on 4-faces elephant heads.
Photos taken with the Phra NakProk Buddha Buchas at Wat Nok.
See more infomation for Wat Nok - LP Chek amulets at: Nok

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