Monday, December 28, 2009

Wat Siribunya Maggarama In Ipoh Perak, Malaysia.

Wat Siribunya is the well known Siam Temple in Ipoh by past Chief Abbot PhraKu Virat.
This temple is situated along Jalan Tambun (Tambun Road) in Ipoh. This is the temple gate of Wat Siribunya.
The Main Shrine Hall Vihara of Wat Siribunya, this temple used to be a small temple and it had expanded gradually over the years just before the passing away of its famous Chief Abbot a few years ago, Phraku Virat.
The Kuan Yin statue is in front the Vihara.Lord Buddha's altar inside the Main Shrine Hall Vihara with the Mural Paintings.
The mini altar at the side.The Mural paintings inside the Vihara and the amulets counter.The famous past Chief Abbot Phraku Virat (Photo and statue) is seen here on the center of this photo and on the Venerable left hand side is Luangpu Sri (Founder of Wat Siribunya) and on his right is his Master, Venerable LP Sod - Wat Paknam in BhasiCharoen Thailand.A big Phra Phrom statue is located inside the temple shrine.The Ubosot of Wat Siribunya. See the photo tour of this Ubosot surroundings below.A beautiful Ubosot building.The Sema Stone of the Ubosot.The Buddha statue inside the Ubosot of Wat Siribunya Maggarama.
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