Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chedi Thaimongkhon Hadyai (Stainless Steel Pagoda) In Hadyai- Songkhla Province Of Thailand.

Hadyai, 933km south from Bangkok, is southern Thailand's commercial centre and one of the kingdom's largest cities although it's only a district in Songkhla Province.Top- The main entrance to Chedi Thaimongkhon Hadyai. We were lucky enough to visited a spectacular Buddhist temple high up on a hill about 10km out of Hadyai. Chedi Thaimongkhon was made from all stainless steel tubing and is lit up at night and visible from the road below the hill that passes it.The golden stone of Chedi Thaimongkhon Hadyai. The overview of the temple. The standing altar. A close up view inside the wiharn, a Phra Cinaraj statue. Another view of the altar. A very beautiful of Buddha statue, made of stainless steel. Next to the wiharn. All devotees walked round 3 times to gain good luck. One of the entrance to Stainless Steel Chedi. Another entrance at the chedi base. Each entrance have a differences Buddha statues venerates inside the ground floor. A Phra Cinaraj is venerates at another entrance. Inside the Stainless Steel Chedi, all made from stainless steel tubing and porcelain cups. The tubing structure of the chedi are connected together. The devotees made a wish at second floors of Stainless Steel Chedi. This chedi was made from all stainless steel tubing, a spectacular view. This stairs is a set of steps built between two floors inside a chedi. One of the wonders Chedi in Thailand. A magnificent Stainless Steel Chedi at the night.
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