Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Perilously Dark Black House ~ Baan Dam Museum - Thawan Duchanee (Part 1/3).

A museum and an art gallery comprising of many interesting wooden buildings, housing some interesting tribal artifacts and animal bones and skins. Such decorative touches are obliquely expressed at the Black House where artist, architect and philosopher Ajahn Thawan Duchanee, has moodily re-invented aspects of Thai Buddhist architecture. Sunlight shoots daggers of light across the Assembly Hall's immense black interior that's supported by sturdy teak pillars. Python skins span tables roughly hewn and polished from enormous trees while ancient root systems are fashioned into seats. Described as a mystical masterpiece or, macabre and repetitive, the operatically scaled decor incorporates enormous horned chairs, animal skulls vast shell collections, ancient weaponry and animal furs. This taxidermic excess suggested 'Hall of the Mountain King' rather than the Buddhist 'Middle Way'.
The souvenir shop at Baan Dam Musuem Black House.
Amazing Black Wooden Building.
The board written as 'House Of National Artist' ~ Thawan Duchanee.
The granite sculptures in the garden.
The Art of Thai Buddhist architecture.
The black Horned Chair.
Sturdy teak pillars with beautiful crafted art.
Exotic display of Python skins.
Black-horned chairs were arranged a table accessorised with leopard furs, giant conch shells and snake skin.
The big door of teak wooden crafted art.
Amazing Art of Black House buildings.
The toilet building in Baan Dam House.
Giant stones decoration.
The Hand Print and Furious Tiger Painting of National Artist - Ajahn Thawan Duchanee.
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