Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Famous Guman AiKhai (Novice Monk) ~ Wat Chedi & Wat Sra SiMun - The Famous Number One Guman In Thailand (Part 2 ~ Wat Sra SiMun).

This part we'll sharing the Famous Spirit Guman AiKhai (novice monk) from Wat Sra SiMun, the mystical spirit from long time ago and was related to Famous LP Thuad during his pilgrimage. This sacred Temple Wat SraSiMun was resided by past abbot LP Therm. He is the monk to made first Guman AiKhai amulet. This part, we will focus the LP Therm's temple of Guman AiKhai ~ Wat Sra SiMun.
The new issue batch of AiKhai is for built the temple bot. According to legend, (novice monk) Ai Khai is a boy following LP Thuad on pilgrimage. When LP Thuad came to Wat Chedi, he ordered Ai Khai to stay there and look after the temple for him. Unfortunately, Ai Khai died young and his spirit has lived there since then and never fail his promise to look after the temple for LP Thuad. The spirit Guman Ai Khai always keeps an eye on the temple and who come without permission and burglars will be frightened by Guman Ai Khai spirit. Later LP Therm (past abbot of Wat SraSimun) was the first monk to made Guman Aikhai to worship.
 The small Wiharn of Wat Sra SiMun with 2 big Rooster at side.
 The main Sala building of Wat Sra SiMun, here the big Guman AiKhai statue venerated inside.
 The main altar of Guman AiKhai and the big Golden statue of Guman AiKhai.
 At side is veneration of LP Therm, LP Thuad and Phra Buddha Sihing statues.
 The close view of another Guman AiKhai statue.
 The sacred Phra Buddha statues.
 The banner for info Guman AiKhai , LP Therm, LP Thuad and info for new batch Guman AiKhai "MangMiSiSook".
 The main amulet counter of Wat Sra SiMun. And the banner for previous batch ceremonies blessing for GUman AiKhai amulets.
 Photo taken wit LP SukChai, abbot of Wat Sra SiMun.
Wat Sra SiMun have a huge compound area and the temple name mean 4 corners of bot.
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