Friday, September 4, 2015

Visiting Wat ThaMuang ~ LP BoonHai - The Famous Master From Southern Thailand.

Not very far from main road, located the temple Wat ThaMuang and with famous master LP BoonHai, the truly dhamma and wicha master from southern Thailand. While have a local devotee came and met LP BoonHai, we just waited and went outside to took some photos first.
 The portrait of LP BoonHai and the blessed ceremony photo, he was born in August 16th BE2471 and was ordained when he was 20 years old at Wat PhraHom. LP Boonhai studied the Wicha and practiced meditation from PhraKru Taksin Thammasarn who was abbot of Wat PhraHom. Furthermore, LP Boonhai went to studied the Wicha from many top monks in south such as LP Song of Wat ThaMod, LP Kachat of Wat Donsala, LP Num of Wat Khao Oor and others. 
 The temple Wat ThaMuang and it surrounding hot and shaded by trees, sand walkways that run between the few buildings.
 The old Sala building at Wat ThaMuang and the veneration Phra Buddha statues at inside Sala.
 The abondoned building that not completed and the old Long Boat used to competition.
 The Beautiful Standing Buddha statue and the main Wiharn building.
 Close up view the Wiharn and the Bell Tower.
 LP BoonHai in deep consecrated to reblessing the amulets.
 Photo taken with LP BoonHai.
Before left, just at temple backyard and saw a hen hatching eggs.
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