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Wat Palelai ~ The Famous Temple In Suphanburi - Thailand.

Wat Palelai is a very old temple believed to have been built some 800 years ago. Besides Wat Bang Krang famed for old ancient Phra Khun Paen amulets, Wat Palelai also famous for Phra Khun Paen amulets and Khun Chang House. Futhermore, Wat Palelai was venerated the Huge Sitting Phra Luang Por Toh Buddha inside the main chapel.
 The front side of Wat Palelai, the White Chedi, Phra U-Thong Buddha and the main Chapel for veneration the huge sitting Phra Luang Por Toh Buddha.
 The photo taken with Phra U-Thong Buddha. This 'model' of Phra U-Thong Buddha was planned to build in Suphanburi. According by temple, Wat Palelai plans to build the biggest Phra U-Thong Buddha in the world. This statue is located at Suphanburi province.
The huge sitting statue 23 metre in height of Phra Luang Por Toh Buddha, is enshrined in the main chapel. The image was originally venerated in the open area and was later covered by the chapel.
 The photos of HM Thai King visited Wat Palelai in year BE2498.
 Many devotees will come to Wat Palelai everyday to pay respect to Phra Luang Por Toh Buddha and also the other Phra Buddha statues venerated beside the chapel.
 The amulets counter.
 At front side of the chapel also venerated the sitting Phra Buddha depicting Phra Buddha retreating in the Palelai forest in the past.
 The shrine of old statue of Phra Buddha.
 The big statue of Phra Khun Paen amulet.
 The mural painting of Khun Chang and his fellowship.
 The building Hall of Wat Palelai.
The beautiful Vihara been built inside compound of Wat Palelai.
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