Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gunmen Opened Fire At Wat Rai - Pattani Province.

All the photos taken here are belongs to my friend. Thanks him for these sharing. We would like to sharing the gun fire incident at Wat Rai. Ajahn Deng and Thailand's Army look at the gun fire incident surrounding Wat Rai compound and nearby village houses after attack by unknown gunmen at Wat Rai - Pattani province, 2 month ago. Unknown gunmen killed no people and wounded a few others when they opened fire with automatic weapon AK47. After the gun fire incident, many damages were found at the temple building which still under construction and surrounding area of Wat Rai. The Bullet shells left after the gun fire.Bullet holes on the car which belong to nearby villager. The damaged property of nearby Wat Rai and one of the wounded villager.Ajahn Deng took the bullet shells which were left after the gun fire AK47 to consecrated and made it as Bullet Takrut for Great Protection from Maha Utt. Only 50 pcs were issued.

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