Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wat Phothikyan (Twin Dragon Temple) ~ Standing Buddha, Bachok In Kelantan Malaysia.

A famously White Standing Buddha Statue of Siamese temple Wat Phothikyan located in Kampung Balai, Bachok, Kelantan. Wat Dua Naga is the longest wall shaped like ‘twin dragons‘ in Southeast Asia. The colorful ‘twin dragons’ are 598 meters and completely surrounds the temple, forming an impressive arch at the front of the building the pair of dragons flanking the entrance.Besides Huge Standing Buddha and giant 'Wishing Tree', Wat Phothikyan also popular by it fragrant Herbal baths. Current abbot, Ajahn Poh Chai raised money which he used to built a bath house with separate areas for men, women and families. Many believed such baths helped wash away bad luck.
Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham began as a modest temple some twenty years ago. It became more active when a Thai came over and started various activities, including initiating a building fund for the temple. The temple entrance signboard.
The colourful ‘twin dragons’ are 598 meters and completely surrounds the temple, most special of a replica of a T-Rex in a temple compound.
The giant “wishing tree“ was hung with lots of “ribbons” that people threw. This is for wishes that were made by the worshipers in hoping their wishes be fulfilled.
The veneration of the Nak Prok Buddha in temple Vihara.The only thing that attracting us to here is this amazing 108 foot tall statue of a standing Buddha. It can be seen from far away and eternally welcoming visitors.
Inside the Standing Buddha statue made from White mosaics, carved with Buddha images at the wall.
Temple compound with the Hall building of Wat Phothikyan.The double storey Vihara of 'Kuan Yin' building, with the 'Kuan Yin' statue in the center.
Veneration the sacred Buddha and monk statues on the altar.
The amulet counter of Wat Phothikyan.
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