Friday, September 17, 2010

Meeting Ajahn Deng At Perak Malaysia.

Ajahn Deng ~ Wat Rai - was made a trip to Perak to meet the devotees there in year BE 2553. I grab this opportunity to meeting Ajahn Deng to seeking his blessing.
Ajahn Deng ( LP Daeng ) was born in BE 2512, Ajahn Deng has studied the magic since he was child. His went into priesthood at Wat Tu Yong, Pattani Province and studied the magic with LP Suk who was magical expert from Wat Tu Yong for long time. Ajahn Deng is expert of making Takrut Look Puen (bullet Takrut).
After a long queue, finally I receiving the ' Lersi Blessing ' from Ajahn Deng.

The Thai term Lersi or Reusi originates from the Sanskrit word Rishi, meaning seer. In the Vedic tradition the Rishi are the sons of Brahma. They are credited with
discovering/receiving many of the mantras found in the Vedas and other Indian texts. Every mantra has a seer who received this mantra from a higher being or from his or her own insight.
This is the meaning of the term Rishi on the linguistic level. In India, this word generally refers to a group of ascetics associated with or descended from Brahma.

In fact, the Buddha himself practiced as a Reusi before his enlightenment and spent many past lives as a Reusi.
My Thai amulets are receiving blessing from Ajahn Deng. Ajahn Deng wrote the Powerful protection Yant to the LP Tuad Matchbox amulets.The 2nd Batch LP Tuad Songnum Langkasuka to be release on year end. Blessed by Ajahn Deng at Wat Rai, Pattani Province.
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