Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ceremony At Wat PiahLang In Tangkak - Johor Malaysia.

All the photos taken of Wat PiahLang are my friend's temple journey. Thanks him for these sharing.

These Tok Raja's Amulets Batch BE 2553 was consecrated in Johor, Tangkak - Wat PiahLang by many Great monks from Thailand, Kelantan, Narathiwat and Tangkak - Than Thit ,Than Boon ,Than Hua, CK Onn.
The ceremony was started at 9am, 16th May by the monks chanting.
CK Onn was strongly blessed this Batch amulets of Tok Raja.
The Blessing ceremony at Wat PiahLang, Tangkak blessed by many Great monks - Than Thit ,Than Boon ,Than Hua, CK Onn. Left: Phor Than Boon - 4th Abbot of Wat Uttamaram Kelantan. Chao Khun Onn of Wat Sungai Padi, Narathiwat Province.Phor Than Thit of Wat Machimmaram, Kelantan.
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