Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meeting Kruba Ariyachat at Johor Malaysia.

Kruba Ariyachat or Kruba Ahliyachat- Wat Sang Kaew Phothiyan, ChiangRai was made a trip to Johor to meet the devotees there in year BE 2553. This is my second time meeting him.
Receiving the blessing from Kruba Ariyachat.
Kruba Ariyachat giving me a blessing on the top of my head.
Kruba Ariyachat was born in year BE 2524 in Chaing Mai province. Kruba Ariyachat become famous after meditation for 13 days without eating, drinking, going to toilet and standing.
When Kruba Ariyachat was a child, he studied the magic from Kruba Chan Tip who was a former abbot of Wat Chai Chana. Then, KRuba Ariyachat went to study the magic from Kruba Thueang of Wat Den Sali Mueang Gan and the other top monks in north in Thailand.See more amulets from Kruba Ariyachat at:
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