Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wat Chaiyo (Ketchaiyo) Woravihan In Angthong.

Wat Ketchaiyo in Ang Thong is one of the 3 old temples built by Somdej Phra Buddhachan Toh (To Phrom Rangsi) of Wat Rakhang, and it is famous for its 7 layered Somdej amulets. Somdej Ketchaiyo images present quite a unique form in its shapes and appearances from any typical classic design of Somdej Wat Rakhang image. A recent trip to Thailand (2009) has prompted me to take a visit to this Thai temple which locates just 120km north of Bangkok.
Inside the huge Vihara, we are greeted by the peaceful looking of Phra Maha Buddha Phim golden statue, which is in the Samadhi (meditation) posture.
Behind the Vihara, is a structure of smaller scale as compared to the other temple of new Ubosot, the old-style Ubosot which was very well preserved in its original historical form. The beautiful mural wall paintings and other settings possibly went through some stages of upgrade but the arrangement resembles closely with current Wat Rakhang arrangement.
Around the Wat Ketchaiyo compound, seen this famous old Thai temple changed in its overall look to a newer structure of modern temple.
A part of Chao Phaya river is just beside the temple and the aquatic animals which you can release for making merits by granting an animal its freedom.
Inside of the Somdej Toh Vihara, the large gold plated statue of Somdej Toh in the meditation posture of veneration.
Donation for expansion of Wat Ketchaiyo.
I obtained these amulets from the amulets counter of Wat Ketchaiyo, a set of Somdej Ketchaiyo 7-layered cast, Somdej Ketchaiyo (metal) 7-layered cast and Somdej Ketchaiyo 7-layered cast.
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